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Suggested remedies for failed orders

To reduce or eliminate failed orders at your restaurant, it's important to understand why these failures occur. Please review our Failed Orders article located HERE to identify the causes of your failed orders. Once you've identified the reasons, you can address them in-store or contact our YUMBI Support Team for further assistance. 

Cancelled/Rejected Orders

  • Could Not Contact Store
  • Unable to Deliver
    • Should you need to deactivate your deliveries, you can use our “Delivery Zone Management” self-service feature. This will allow you to turn off deliveries either entirely or for specific delivery zones configured on the YUMBI platform but still allow customers to order for collection. View our knowledge base article, and video tutorial located HERE.
    • You may want to consider activating the Kerbside Collect feature for your restaurant, which allows customers to receive their meals without making physical contact with the FOH coordinator and runners. Our What is 'no contact KERBSIDE Collection'? article will provide you with more information on what this feature is, and how to activate this for your restaurant.
  • Too Busy
    • Should you need to pause online orders for a short period of time, you can do so by toggling your restaurant settings on or off. This gives you the ability to change your store status to online or offline. Note that if you set your restaurant offline, you’re disabling the ability for customers to order online or via your YUMBI Powered Call Centre. In order to do this, please follow the instructions outlined HERE.
  • Don’t Deliver to Area
    • Consider reviewing your delivery areas. YUMBI allows for three types of delivery zones set up for a restaurant: 
      • Standard radii zones, 
      • Specific polygon zones, and 
      • Driving Distance Delivery Areas.
    • For more information on the types of delivery zones can you configure for your restaurant, click HERE.
  • Food Unavailable
    • Through the Dashboard, you can temporarily remove a product from your online menu without having to reach out to our support team! By marking an item out of stock, you “hide” the item/s from the menu preventing people from ordering it while it's unavailable. Have a look at the How do I add or remove a product from my online menu? article to see how.
  • Load Shedding
    • If you cannot receive orders during loadshedding, toggle your restaurant to ‘Off’ on YUMBI Dashboard just before you lose power. By doing this, no online orders or call-in orders can be placed at your restaurant during this time. Remember to toggle your restaurant back ‘On’ again after loadshedding has ended to start receiving orders again.
    • If you are unable to prepare certain menu items during load shedding, e.g. Milkshakes, it’s important to make use of the ‘Out of Stock’ feature on YUMBI Dashboard. Have a look at the How do I add or remove a product from my online menu? article to see how.
  • Time Unavailable
  • JAM - Please Reorder
    • The YUMBI GSM printer uses thermal credit card rolls. These can be found at any stationery shop if needed. It’s best to ensure that the correct rolls are purchased and utilized in the printer. Furthermore, it is advised that the printer roll is checked to ensure that it has been inserted correctly, the black pin is in place and secure, and that there is sufficient paper left in the printer to receive orders. 

Failed orders on YUMBI Insights

Additional reasons may appear on your YUMBI Insights report regarding failed orders. These may not necessarily be as a result of someone cancelling an order on the YUMBI GSM printer but may be automatically actioned by the system due to the reasons outline in our Failed Orders article.

  • The store cannot accept the order for the requested date and time
    • You may want to consider reviewing your restaurant’s trading hours, and updating them using THIS online form.
  • Delivery provider connection failure
    • Please contact your respective delivery provider to troubleshoot any issues with their integration.
  • POS Timeout or Timeout
  • Voucher redemption failed
    • For YUMBI generated vouchers please contact the YUMBI Helpdesk to verify the validity of the voucher. Contact details can be found HERE.
    • In the unlikely event of an order failing to get through to the restaurant due to a communication error, timed out order or rejected order, a refund request will immediately and automatically be processed by the YUMBI Platform. The customer will be notified via SMS that their order was NOT successful and that their payment and voucher has been reversed.

To address YUMBI platform related issues, please contact the YUMBI Support Team to assist further. For assistance with Delivery Tribe, please contact them using these details.

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