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Failed Orders Report

Occasionally an outlet may need to reject an order, or an order might fail to reach your store correctly. It's important to let your customer know that there is an issue with their order.

Cancelled/Rejected Orders

If you cannot accept an order when your YUMBI printer rings, simply press the yellow “Cancel” button on your YUMBI printer.

You will need to select a reason for rejecting the order. Using the UP/DOWN buttons, you can scroll through the available options. Below are the reasons you have available to select, and what they should be used for:

Unable to Deliver -
Capacity - no delivery bikes available.
Too Busy -
Capacity - restaurant too busy to take orders..
Don’t Deliver to Area -
Customer’s delivery address is out of bounds.
Food Unavailable - 
One or more menu items on the order are out of stock.
Load Shedding -
No electricity in store.
Time Unavailable - 
No time allocated for the delivery of the order.
JAM - Please Reorder -
Paper jam in the printer. Customer must resend the order.

Once you have selected a reason, press the green 'OK' button. The customer will be notified via SMS or email that their order has been cancelled. The store manager and owner will also get notified of the cancelled order (provided that their cellphone numbers have been supplied to us for this purpose). Please ensure the food is not prepared, as the customer will most likely try ordering again.

Failed orders

Occasionally an order sent to your YUMBI printer may fail to be delivered correctly. This could be due to a power outage or internet failure. If this happens, the customer will be notified and will need to place the order through the website/app again.

Reasons that may appear on the Failed Orders report include:

Could Not Contact Store -
Printer offline/has no network/no operator attended to the printer when it rang with a new order.
The store cannot accept the order for the requested date and time -
Either there is no requested time on the order or the store is closed on the selected order date/time..
Sorry, your order failed while trying to contact the delivery provider. Please try again or switch to collect -
This failure occurs when it has exceeded the maximum number of attempts to register the order with the delivery provider e.g. Deliveree..
Timeout -
This failure occurs when the printer has exceeded the maximum number of attempts to submit the order to the store. This may be a result of a connectivity issue with the printer..
Voucher redemption failed -
The voucher that the customer attempted to use for their order was not successful due to validity or as a result of the conditions that the voucher has been configured with..

If you find that these failed order reasons are happening often, please contact the YUMBI Support Team to assist further in resolving them.

We recommend having a look at our Suggested Remedies for Failed Orders article to see how best to manage your failed orders.

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