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Is there anything I can do about hoax orders?

What is a Hoax Order?

“Hoax Orders” are generally considered as orders placed by customers on the online (web or app) or Call Centre platforms where a customer:

    a) has not paid for the order at checkout when it is being confirmed, and

    b) thereafter does not collect or is not present at the location/address that they provided for delivery.

As a result, the order is unfulfilled, and the restaurant then has to consider the made up order wasted at the cost of the restaurant. This can be a frustrating part of owning a restaurant, as there is a cost to the lost or wasted product(s) that are made for that customer, as well as the wasted time and energy that your staff put into it.

What can YUMBI do about Hoax Orders?

Unfortunately there is not much you can do to prevent hoax orders. Unfortunately YUMBI is unable to block customers from ordering online as a result of customers who do not pick up their order or provide false information regarding their order. 

This is similar to call in orders, there is no way, that we are aware of, that blocks customers from phoning the store. Should your service provider be able to do this, there is nothing stopping them from phoning with another number, or by simply creating a new online ordering account.

Why can't all collect orders require mandatory payment online?

From our experience, we have found that only 10.3% of collect orders are paid online, with the balance being paid when the food was collected.

South Africa is still a country with low utilization of card facilities (relative to more developed and established countries). The reasons for this are varied and range from lack of trust, to a lack of access to credit/debit cards. This is also the reason why international companies such as Uber initially launched with a pre-payment option only, however later allowed cash as an alternative way to pay.

Why do I still pay transaction fees on orders that are cancelled? 

The answer to this question is relatively simple. YUMBI incurs numerous costs in the process of submitting orders to the restaurant for consideration. To consider some analogies, it would be similar to asking the bank to refund the initial authorization/settlement fees when a card refund is performed on a refunded payment. Ultimately, YUMBI is tasked with ensuring that all restaurants on our platform successfully receive their online and Call Centre orders (regardless of whether or not the customer arrives to collect).

What can you do about Hoax Orders?

Here are a few suggestions (should you have a known serial abuser) that may be able to assist you in minimizing hoax orders:

    1. Highlight the number(s) in question, then contact the user before making the food to confirm the order.

    2. All South African numbers should be registered according to the Regulation of Interception of Communications Act. Depending on the severity of the abuse, there may be legal grounds that you may be able to get assistance with.

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