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When will the order be ready for collection/delivery?

Ordering through the POS System 
When you place your order directly through the restaurant's Point of Sale system, the YUMBI Platform will automatically provide you with an estimated collection or delivery time. This estimation is based on standard settings determined by the restaurant's brand guidelines. If this automated notification is disabled (it is optional) then Live Driver Tracking (Subscription Dependent) will be able to provide an estimated delivery time.

Ordering through the YUMBI GSM Printer 
If your order is placed using the GSM Printer (YUMBI Printer), the cashier will select an estimated ready time from a set of options on the printer itself.
In both cases, you will receive an SMS or email notification confirming that the restaurant has received your order, along with the estimated time for collection or delivery.

Please Note: YUMBI is committed to honoring our commercial agreements with partner restaurant brands. Consequently, updates to specific restaurant information may only be made with express permission from the brand's head office or another authorized representative.

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