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How do I view my store’s Tracked Deliveries?

On the Tracked Deliveries report, you are able to view all online delivery orders that have been placed, successfully tracked, and delivered to customers of a specific store.

You can watch a short video explaining the report here:

You can find this report under the Deliveries panel on YUMBI Reports or you can reach it by following this link: Live Driver Tracking Report

It is important to note that the report will need a restaurant to be selected to populate data. If the outlet is not with a Delivery Tracking Provider, this report will not populate for that outlet.


This report populates with a summary of the tracked orders for the selected store. The summary covers the following:

  • Complete: Deliveries that have successfully concluded and were tracked
  • Timeout: Tracked deliveries that were not registered to have been completed
  • Total Orders: This would be the total number of orders that tracking took place

Below the summary, a table of data is populated for the store as well. The data provided is as follows:

Order Date
This specifies the date and time of when the order was placed by the customer.

Order ID
This column will have the customer’s order number.

App OS
This Identifies the channel that was used by the customer to place the online order, such as Call Centre, Website or IOS & Android.

This would be the filtered outlet's name.

Customer Details
These columns would include the customer's Name, Surname and Contact Number.

Tracked Delivery Details
These columns would cover the Status of the delivery, the start and end date/times of the delivery as well as the name of the assigned driver, the rating given to the delivery order and any feedback the customer provided.

Delivery Provider Details
This is a link to the source of these details and is provided by the delivery provider of the outlet.

The Grid Information can be exported for data analysis and provides additional categories of information using the CSV Option.

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