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How do I view my Delivery Zones?

There are various ways a store can view their delivery zone details, but to visualize and see these areas on a map is a feature available to them through the Order Map Report.  This map report allows users to see the location of online delivery orders placed through the YUMBI platform as well as the delivery zones of the outlet.

You can watch a short video of the Report here:

The following article will give you an overview of how to utilize this report and what it has to offer the user.

This report can be found under the deliveries panel by the name Order Map (Figure 1). Or you can follow this link to the report itself: 
Delivery Locations

Figure 1

Once the report has been selected, information will not populate until the necessary filters have been selected.

The Order Map Report requires a restaurant to be selected first before any information can be displayed. 

When a restaurant has been selected and any other filter has been altered, the delivery zones of the selected restaurant will be developed. This report will show call Active, Inactive and Non-delivery zones currently configured on a stores system. If you are wondering what types of delivery zones your store may have, please see the following article for more information: What types of delivery zones can I configure for my restaurant?

Below in Figure 2, we have an example of what a user may see when viewing a stores delivery zones. Delivery zones come in all shapes and sizes depending on what was set up by the store, but apart from these differences, delivery zones can be in three different states. These are shown below:

  • A - Blue Zones would be active delivery zones that are currently open for deliveries and are receiving delivery orders

  • B - Orange Zones would be inactive delivery zones that have the potential to receive orders but have been deactivated. These zones cannot receive orders but will not affect existing zones around or within them.

To learn how to activate or deactivate delivery zones, please see the following article: How do I deactivate deliveries?

  • C - Red Zones would be Non-delivery zones and block all delivery orders from being placed within them. These zones can be enabled and disabled like normal delivery zones.


Figure 2

Individual Order Details:

In addition to displaying outlets delivery zones, the Order Map can display individual delivery orders placed by customers at this outlet. These orders will be displayed as pinpoints on the delivery zones that can be interacted with (See Figure 3). When a pinpoint is selected, a brief summary of the order details is displayed to the user.

The details displayed are as follows:

Store Name
Order Number

Order Date and Time
Order Value (Excluding Delivery Fees)
Whether this is a New or Existing Customer

And the channel the order was placed through (Example: App)



Figure 3 

Map Tools and Filters: 

To further explore your stores delivery zones, this report has a few tools and toggles that can be used while inspecting the report. Here are several of the options available to use when using this map. (See Figure 4)

  • A - The compare filter allows the user to compare up to three different stores’ delivery zones.
  • B - The details filters allow the user to adjust what information is being displayed and lessen the visual noise on the map.
  • C - The map type filter allows the user to change the map style they are using and further options are displayed when hovering over Map or Satellite.
  • D - The zoom tool allows the user to zoom in and out of the current map as well as enter a full-screen mode.


Figure 4 

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