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What is the Delivery Order Status Report and where can I find it?

Have a look at this short video that shows you how to find the Delivery Order Status Report and what it's all about, or you can read through the article below: 

Finding the Delivery Order Status Report on the Report Portal is easy. It’s conveniently located on the quick access tabs on the left-hand side of your screen.  This report falls under the Delivery category section and can be found by the name “Order Status”.

Delivery Order Status Tab.png 

Now that we have found the report, we can discuss, “What is the Delivery Order Status Report?”.

This real-time report provides a comprehensive overview of all past and current deliveries trackable by a store. It details deliveries that have been accepted and distinguishes between those that are in progress or have been completed, for either the present day or specific days selectable through filtering.
Below is an example of the information you may see on your report:

The Delivery Order Status Report covers a wide range of information that provides you insight into your store’s current deliveries. The table of contents is as follows:

This is the time at which the order was placed.
Order ID:
This is the YUMBI ID of the customer's order. 
Delivery Provider ID:
This is the Delivery ID from the Delivery Providers system. 
Store Name:
The name of the store at which the order was placed.
This column displays the name of the customer who placed the order.
This would be the mobile number provided by the customer.
The address that the delivery order was placed for
The gross amount of the order in process
This is the current state of the delivery. (Further explanations around this are listed below)
This will display the name of the driver who is assigned to the delivery in progress.
This is the time at which the delivery in progress was last updated. 
Distance (KM):
The distance displayed here is the distance between the driver's current position and the destination - be it the restaurant or the customer's address.
And finally, this is the Estimated Time of Arrival of the driver based on his location to the destination.

As you can see, the Delivery Order Status Report provides great insight into Live Deliveries and can serve as a great tool. However, this also allows the user to view and track the exact status and location of a live order as it is processed.
Here is a breakdown of all Delivery Statuses in the order in which they will occur:
Pending: The delivery has not yet begun and no driver has been assigned to this delivery.
Assigned: The delivery order has been assigned to a driver. When an order is in this state, the distance column shows the distance between the driver and the restaurant. On any further states, the distance column shows the distance between the driver and the customer.
Left Store: The driver has just left the store with the order.
On Route: The order is on route to the delivery address.
Arriving: The order is about to be delivered to the customer. (Customer is then notified)
Arrived: The driver has arrived at the delivery address.
Complete: The order was successfully delivered and the delivery is marked as complete.
Cancelled: The delivery was cancelled.
Error: An error occurred.
Undeliverable: The delivery is undeliverable.

We also have a map showing the position of the driver relative to the restaurant and the customer. Once a driver has been assigned to an order, a pin-drop becomes visible in the ETA column. Tapping or clicking on the pin-drop opens a map displaying the position of the driver, the restaurant, and the customer. The map can be expanded and zoomed in to show more detail.

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