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How do I troubleshoot a YUMBI Printer stuck in a loop

When a printer repeatedly prints the same order and does not complete it but instead switches off and on again going through the same cycle, this state is considered a loop. This doesn't mean that the printer is broken, what it means is that it needs to have its memory cleared, this is what we refer to as a printer stuck in a loop. 

How do we clear the printer's memory and get the printer unstuck from its loop?

Please view the below self-help videos:

Older generation printer: 

New generation printer: 

These are the steps addressed in the videos, please note these steps need to be performed quickly to avoid the order going back into a loop.

1. Switch the printer off and on again.

2. Press the Menu or Confirm button. (Depending on your printer model, select the appropriate button).

3. Navigate to 'manage device' and press OK.

4. Navigate to 'Settings' and press OK.

5. Go to 'Clear All' and press OK.

6. The question 'Clear all records?' will be displayed. Select OK.

If none of these steps resolve the problem, please contact the YUMBI Support Team on support@yumbi

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