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What does the YUMBI order slip look like?

Any orders that are sent to your restaurant are printed out by your dedicated YUMBI printer (unless you are using Aura POS, in which case your printer is just there as a backup).

Your order print-out contains all the information you need to make and deliver the order, as well as capture payment correctly. The order looks similar to the below image. If you are on Aura, orders will be printed as a standard Aura order (not shown here).


Additional Instructions:

Where the YUMBI Printer has received an order that should have been received by the Aura POS, but couldn't be processed due to a communication error, it will also include the following additional instruction message:

"Capture this order in Aura using the SPECIAL ORDER button with reference: xxxxx-xxxx-xx"

The reference number provided is unique for every order and should be captured directly into the Aura POS.

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