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How do I operate the YUMBI Printer?

Operating the YUMBI Printer is as easy as operating a cellphone. The steps outlined below can be followed to gain a better understanding of how to use the YUMBI Printer when an order is received.


STEP 1: The YUMBI printer rings

The YUMBI printer will ring when a customer order is being received. You will have 5 minutes to answer the printer before it stops ringing and the customer is informed that their order has failed, so be sure to answer the printer quickly!


STEP 2: Read the slip to confirm the details of the order

The slip will automatically begin to print with a breakdown of the customer's order, whether it is for delivery or collection, as well as the time they would like the order to be made. Please make sure you are able to make the order before accepting.


STEP 3: Accept order

Press the green "OK" button on the printer to accept the incoming order.


STEP 4: Select a time option by using the UP/DOWN arrow buttons

This is to tell the customer how long you need to make their food and when they can expect to receive it.

For example, You should select '40 minutes' if you think it will take 40 minutes to prepare the food.

NOTE: Rather add extra time to your order than be late with the order especially when the kitchen and drivers are busy during month-end or on a Friday night.


STEP 5: Press the green "OK" button again to confirm the order

When you press the green "OK" button, you have accepted the order. At this point the YUMBI Platform will automatically send an SMS and email to the customer informing them that their order has been successfully received, as well as the time when their meal will be ready.


STEP 6: Wait for the last part of the slip to print

Once it reads “Order Confirmed Thanks” you can now tear off the slip.


STEP 7: Verify the order payment type

Customers have the ability to pay for their order online at the time of submitting it to the restaurant or to rather select an option for cash on collection or on delivery. The selected option will be communicated on the slip as follows:


"Order Not Paid": The customer has chosen to pay cash on collection or delivery. Ensure that you collect payment for this order yourself.

"Order Paid": The customer has chosen to pay for this order online. You do not need to collect any further payment from this customer as the money has been collected by YUMBI and will be paid into your nominated bank account automatically.


STEP 8: Capture the slip into your Point of Sale or Till System

Using all the information as set out on the slip, capture it into your POS or till as you would any other order.

Please find attached a copy of the printer guide that you can print out for your staff members. 

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