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What do you do if an order prints on the YUMBI GSM printer instead of the Aura Point of Sale?

If there is a communication error between a website order and the integrated Aura POS, the order will automatically divert to the YUMBI GSM printer. This is another way of making sure that all website orders are successfully delivered to the store. Should the order be paid online, it will print with a reference number. The reference number will have either a C or D in it, which informs you whether the order is for delivery, "D" or a collection, "C" order.

The slip that will print on the GSM printer will have an instruction on it, which reads, "Capture this order in Aura using the SPECIAL ORDER button with reference: xxxxxxxx". The special order button is located under INVOICING on the Aura POS. Once you press the special order button, a window that prompts you for a reference number and order amount will appear. Accurately input the reference number and the order amount and press validate. After validating, capture the order using the information on the slip from the YUMBI GSM printer.


1) If a paid website order is not captured using the above guidelines, the restaurant might face difficulties when doing cash-up.

2) If the special order button does not appear under invoicing, the restaurant has to contact the Aura help desk for assistance.

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