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Restaurant Level User Management Self-Service Feature - How to remove a user

Managing the User list will be an important task. Luckily, removing a user is a simple exercise and can be actioned by the click of a button. The account owner will need to log into their Dashboard and then head to the User Management Panel by selecting ‘Manage Users’. (See Figure 1)


Figure 1 

To remove a user:

  1. Search and select the user in question using the search tool. 
  2. On the right side of the user list, you can either Edit or Remove the user. Select Remove. (See Figure 1)
  3. Select what roles you wish to have removed from the user's profile. (See Figure 2)
  4. Select “Remove User” to process this.


Figure 1 


Figure 2 

Once a user has been removed, their roles will be removed as well and they will not have access to the platform until their roles are re-added. 

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