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How do I deactivate deliveries?

YUMBI has self-service features that puts you, the franchisee, in control over the operation of your restaurant.

In some instances, the store may wish to turn off deliveries either entirely or for specific delivery zones configured on the YUMBI platform.

Here's a short video that shows you how to manage your delivery zones. Or you can follow the instructions below:


Steps on how to toggle your deliveries:

  • Navigate to the YUMBI Dashboard
  • Select the restaurant you wish to deactivate deliveries for on the left-hand dropdown.
  • Select the ‘Restaurant’ Tab and the ‘Delivery Zones’ option to view your delivery zones.  
  • Once the above have been followed, your store's delivery zones will be displayed and you can begin managing your deliveries. 

The delivery zone panel and functionality:

The delivery zone panel provides you with a breakdown of each delivery zone currently configured on the selected store. This panel provides the following information about your delivery zones and how they are set up.

  • The name of the delivery zones configured for the store.
  • The fee associated with that delivery zone.
  • The lead time that is expected when an order is placed within the delivery zone. 
  • The status of the delivery zone, showing as ‘checked’ if the zone is enabled, or empty when disabled. 
  • How long the delivery zone is disabled until, and
  • Which user disabled a specific zone. 

Disabling or Enabling a zone:

As discussed above, a ‘checkbox’ is shown to display the status of each individual delivery zone

To disable deliveries; unselect a checkbox of a specific delivery zone. Once the checkbox has been unselected you will be prompted to select how long you wish to disable this zone. You can disable a delivery zone temporarily by selecting one of the time options below. Or you can disable a delivery zone permanently by selecting 'Always'. You can select from the following options.

  • Always (to permanently deactivate them)
  • 15 minutes, 
  • 30 minutes,
  • 1 hour,
  • 2 hours,
  • 4 hours,
  • 8 hours,
  • 12 hours or
  • 24 hours

To activate deliveries; select an empty check box to enable a specific zone.


All deliveries for the store can be disabled by selecting the ‘Disable All’ option at the top of the panel, this will also provide a timeframe option to select from.

After any changes have been made, the user needs to select save to apply any changes they have made.

To view a map of your current delivery zones, please see our article on how to view Delivery Zones?

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