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How do I view my Failed Order Report?

The failed order report provides a summary of unsuccessful orders that were attempted to be placed by a customer at a restaurant. There are various reasons these orders fail, and this report will underline these reasons.

Here's a quick video to familiarize yourself with the report:

Below we hope to answer any questions you may have and explore what this report has to offer.

Where can I find the Failed Order Report?

Once you’ve logged into YUMBI Reports, this report can be found by clicking on the “Failed Orders“ tab under the ‘Operations’ subheading on the left hand panel or by clicking on the “View Failed Order summary'“ link highlighted in blue at the bottom of the page of the Order Summary Report. (Figure 1 & Figure 2) 

failed order link.png Figure 1

Figure 2

Alternatively, you can easily access the Failed Order Report by following this link to the report itself.

Failed order Joy.png

What do Reason Summary and Top Restaurants refer to?

Reason Summary: The above heading provides a summary of the failed order reasons at the restaurant.

Restaurant: This summary shows the restaurants with the most failed orders.

The Failed Orders Report has three primary ways of filtering this report.

  • These three options are by Date, Brand, and Restaurant

Above the grid of data on the far left, you can select the number of entries available on the drop-down list to show more entries. There is also a Search Option on the far right that you can use to search for specific reasons or restaurants.

What do the columns represent on the Failed Order Report?.

Below, we will walk through each column on the report and what the data refers to:

failed order 1.png

The data shown in this row belongs to the restaurant listed in this column.

This column will provide the reasons why the order failed at your restaurant.

This column presents the number of orders that failed with the reason indicated out of the total failures at your restaurant.

Total Failures
This column provides a summary of the total number of orders that failed at your restaurant.

The Grid Information can be exported for data analysis and provides additional categories of information using the CSV Option.

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