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What is a Suspicious Customer and how are they classified?

The "Suspicious Customer Order Report" offers brand representatives a powerful tool to gain insights into the ordering patterns of restaurants. This feature meticulously identifies and showcases orders and customers that exhibit suspicious behaviors, enabling users to scrutinize and take necessary actions efficiently. 

You can have a look at a short video on the Suspicious Customer Order Report here:


If you wish to learn more about hoax customers, what can be done about these customers and more, please see the following article: Is there anything I can do about hoax orders?

The report can be found under the Operations Panel by the name ‘Suspicious Orders’ or can alternatively be found by following this link: 
Suspicious Customer Order Report


Figure 1

This report displays flagged customers of the outlets available to the user's profile.

What would flag a customer?

There are several factors that would result in a customer or order being flagged as suspicious. These would be:

  • The Total Order value exceeds R1000 for the day with an average order value greater than R600
  • Multiple gift vouchers have been used
  • Multiple orders have been placed by the same customer
  • Multiple card payments were made/attempted by a customer


Figure 2

The customer and order details of these flagged orders are displayed in the form of a table to be inspected by the user.

Simple identifiable data is provided should the customer need to be contacted. This information would be the Date/Time of the order in question, the customer's name and contact number.

The store and order details are then listed showing the suspicious order details. These would be the Payment Types, Order Value and Prepaid Value of the order.

The Grid Information can be exported for data analysis and provides additional categories of information using the CSV Option.

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