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How do I add or remove a product from my online menu?

Through the Dashboard, you can temporarily remove a product from your online menu without having to ask our trusty support team! By marking an item out of stock, you “hide” the item/s from the menu preventing people from ordering it while it's unavailable.

For example, you would use this option when you are out of stock of Wraps at the store and you won’t be able to offer menu items with them until you restock.

Here's a short video explaining how you can do this through the YUMBI Dashboard. Or you can read through the steps below the video. 

How does it work? 

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  1. Open up YUMBI Dashboard 
  2. Select your restaurant 

  1. Navigate to the Restaurant Tab in the panel on the left 
  2. Select Out of Stock
  3. Search for the item you need to hide
  4. Click on the applicable item, select the anticipated re-stock date (up to 3 days) and click add
  5. A window will pop up confirming all the items you’re about to mark out of stock
  6. Confirm your selection
  7. Once confirmed, the item will be hidden from your menu
  8. If you want to view your menu directly from the portal, you can easily click on the “View” button under the “Items Marked Out of Stock” table to double-check the updates

The reinstate date as per your selection can be found by looking at the table “Items Marked Out of Stock”. Please take note of the expiry date and time. Screenshot below.


NB: It is important to remember that after you mark an item Out Of Stock and it is back in stock before the anticipated re-stock date entered into the dashboard, you will need to CANCEL the out of stock toggle, for it to go back live on the menu. Here is how:

  1. Open up YUMBI Dashboard 
  2. Select your restaurant 
  3. Navigate to the Restaurant Tab in the panel on the left 
  4. Select Out of Stock
  5. Scroll to the bottom of the page where the “Items Marked Out of Stock” is situated
  6. Locate the item that is back in stock and click “Cancel”
  7. The item will then be reinstated back onto your online menu. 

How do I gain access to this feature? 

The feature is currently available for all users with franchisee-level access. In addition, it is possible to request access for your store OPS manager by reaching out to

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