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How do I set up Agent Manager for YUMBI integration?

YUMBI supports multiple integrations with VoIP companies. One instance is when a call comes through on the softphone for a Call Centre order, as the call is answered, the customer’s cell phone number will automatically be pulled through to the YUMBI Call Centre platform.


If this is a new customer - The agent who answers the call will then need to get the customers’ name, surname and delivery address, if it is a delivery order. Once this information is captured, it is then stored on the database and will automatically appear when the customer calls again using the same number.

If you experience an issue where the YUMBI platform does not pick up the customer details or your reporting seems to be skew, you need to verify the steps highlighted below.

Click HERE to view our instructional video on how the URL should be updated on Agent Manager, alternatively, below is also a step by step guide on how to update the URL on your Euphoria Agent Manager.

NOTE: NEW VERSION AVAILABLE. Please ensure that you have Agent Manager V1.2.3.0 (or later) installed. Click  HERE to download the latest version & contact Euphoria to assist with the setup

  1. Click on Phone and Select Phone Settings from the Drop Down list.
  2. The phone setting Pop Up Box will appear, select the “Events” tab.
  3. Go to the Section labelled “Answer Event (Inbound)”, INSERT the row labelled CRM URL with the latest updated URL:{CALLERID}&uid={CALL_ORIGSIPID}
  4. Ensure that the “Request Type” selected is “Both (GET and AJA)”.
  5. Ensure “Behavior” selected is “Enabled”.
  6. Click “Apply” to ensure changes have been saved.



It is important to note that YUMBI integration also works on Insights. To enhance reporting for Call Centres, YUMBI will store the call reference within a URL to match with a Call Centre order. This ensures that the data being shown to the YUMBI customers is reliable. This is why we recommend that you have the latest version of the agent manager available as it supports these requirements. 

For more Agent Manager/Euphoria related Articles please visit their Support Portal should you wish to do so. 

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