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How do I start an order for delivery?

Watch this short video on how to place an order for delivery on Switchboard or read the instructions below.


Step 1: Locate the Customer Details

To initiate an order, an Agent must first access the customer's details they intend to serve. This involves following the instructions provided in articles for either searching an existing customer record or creating a new one. 

Step 2: Select the Appropriate Province and Area

Once the customer record has been selected, and the agent has been presented with the Customer Details Page, they will need to select the "Delivery" radio button (See Figure 1).

If the restaurant has been linked to a specific telephone number, the province and area drop-downs will automatically be populated with the relevant information.

If the restaurant has not been linked, the Agent will need to manually select the province and area from the drop-downs.

Figure 1: Delivery Radio Button Selection 

Step 3: Select the Appropriate Restaurant

After selecting the desired province and area, a restaurant drop-down menu will appear, listing all the restaurants in that area. This list prioritizes proximity, with the nearest restaurant to the selected area at the top. If a restaurant is associated with a specific phone number, its name will automatically fill in the drop-down menu. Otherwise, the Agent must manually choose the restaurant from the menu.

Figure 2: Enter the delivery address 

Step 4: Select the "New Order" Button

The final step is to click on the New Order button (See Figure 3). 

Note that this can only be selected once Steps 1 to 3 has been completed without error.

figure 4 enter address.png 

Figure 3: New address for a new customer

figure 5 save address.png 

Figure 4: Save address once confirmed new address 


Figure 5: Select order date


Figure 6: Select order time 

RESTUUUU.png Figure 7: Select store near the customer

 New Order Button Selection.png

Figure 7: New Order Button Selection

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