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How do I cancel or update an order after it is placed?

Cancelled Orders:

Switchboard is currently not able to communicate with the outlet directly to void an order that has already been placed.

As a result of this, the Call Centre will need to manually contact the outlet to request that the cancellation of the order.

To prevent a commission being charged by YUMBI for an order that a customer has cancelled, the form located here should be completed.

Updated Orders:

Once an order has been successfully submitted and received by the outlet, it's not possible to update it using Switchboard. Instead, the suggested approach to deal with a request of this nature is as follows:

  1. If the customer would like to add a new product to their initial order, the Agent can create a new order for the same customer.
  2. If the customer would like to remove or amend a product in their initial order they will need to contact the outlet directly to determine whether the order has been made.
  3. If the order has been made, the customer will need to be informed that their order can't be updated.
  4. If the order has not been made, the initial order will need to be cancelled following the steps described in the section above and a new order can then be captured by the Agent.

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