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What do I do if a customer order fails?

If a customer order is not successfully received by the outlet and the order was placed through either StoreFront or a Call Centre Agent, an SMS notification is sent to the mobile number configured for the Call Centre on Switchboard.

This SMS contains the details of the order, including the outlet where it was attempted to be placed, as well as the customer name and contact number and is intended to proactively warn the Call Centre that the customer needs to be contacted.

If the order is placed by the customer using the brand website, they will also receive the SMS notification to let them know the order was not successful, however, if the order was placed by a Call Centre agent they will not receive the SMS notification. As a result, the following recommended steps should be taken whenever a failed order notification is received:

  1. Open the applicable brand website.
  2. Navigate to the Orders Tab to view all customer orders that have been placed at the outlet associated with the brand and to which the Call Centre has access to view (See Figure 1).
  3. Click on the Successful drop-down and select the "Unsuccessful" option and then click on the "Filter" button. This will filter the results to display only failed orders (See Figure 2).
  4. Click on the view link located on the left-hand side of the relevant order. This will redirect the Agent to a detailed summary of the order (See Figure 3).
  5. The detailed summary includes information about the customer such as their name and contact number, as well as the delivery fee that may have been applicable for their failed order attempt.
  6. If the order was placed by a Call Centre Agent and less than 15 minutes has passed, the Call Centre should attempt to resubmit the order using Switchboard without notifying the customer of the issue.
  7. If the order was placed by a Call Centre Agent and more than 15 minutes has passed, the Call Centre should contact the customer to notify them of the issue and determine whether they would still like the order to be submitted to the outlet for processing.

 Failed 1.png 

Figure 1: Order Tab View

Failed 3.png

Figure 2: Unsuccessful Filtered Orders

Failed 33.png

Figure 3: Failed Order Summary

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