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How do I view a customer's order history?

Switchboard, the YUMBI Call Centre platform, retains each customers' order history to easily create repeat orders.

To view a customers' previous orders, the following steps should be followed:

  1. Locate the customer record using the steps outlined in the article Searching for an existing customer record.
  2. Once the customer record has been located, the Agent must select the appropriate record by clicking on the "view" link (See Figure 1).
  3. When viewing an existing customer record, the customer order history is presented in the Past Order results grid (See Figure 2).

This Past Order table will only present orders that were successfully submitted to the outlet. Note that this does not necessarily mean that they were successfully received by the outlet. 

The orders are always presented with the most recent order at the top and where more than one page of results is returned, the Agent can navigate through additional pages by using the controls located on the bottom left-hand side of the results grid.

If there are valid previous orders, the Agent can review the products included in a particular previous order by clicking on the "View Details" link (See Figure 2). Selecting this link will present the Agent with the Previous Order Breakdown modal (See Figure 3).

If no valid previous orders exist for the customer record, the Agent will be presented with the text "No records to display". (See Figure 4)

 order history.png 

Figure 1: Customer Search View Link


Figure 2: Past Order Results

 POLLO 2.png 

Figure 3: Previous Order Breakdown Modal

 ORDER cc.png 

Figure 4: No Valid Previous Orders

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