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How do I update or lock an existing Agent's profile?

Updating an Agent Profile:


Agents can choose to update their user profile once they have logged into the Switchboard portal by performing the following steps:

  1. Clicking on the Agent name located on the top right-hand side of the navigation bar (See Figure 1).

  2. A Modal containing the Agent profile details will be presented (see figure 2).

  3. Enter new details for the relevant field and select the "Save" button.

Note that the Email Address provided in this Modal is what will be used when logging into the Switchboard portal. As a result, this field should only be updated in exceptional circumstances.

Link to Agent Details Modal.png

Figure 1: Link to Agent Details Modal:

User Details Modal.png

Figure 2: User Details Modal

Locking an Agent Profile:

Should the need arise to prevent an Agent from being able to login to the Switchboard portal, an email request should be sent to the YUMBI Support Team with the details of the Agent. As soon as this request has been received, YUMBI will deactivate the Agent account. 

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