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YUMBI Printer and POS Operation Checklist


  • Ensure the Point of Sale is turned ON and connected to the internet.
  • Ensure there is enough paper roll in the printer and that it is inserted securely and correctly.
  • Ensure the YUMBI GSM Printer is turned ON, is plugged into charge, and remains on at all times. Never turn the GSM Printer off. 
  • Ensure the YUMBI GSM Printer is positioned near the POS or where everyone can hear it ring when orders start coming in. Adjust the volume to the printer’s loudest setting.
  • Ensure that the printer antenna located on the left-hand side is tightly secured and in the upright position (depending on your printer model).
  • Ensure the printer is placed in an area where the store has the best network signal. To confirm the connectivity, look for the G and the flashing arrow pointing down that will appear at the top left corner of the GSM printer. These two icons represent a good network connection. Make sure it also has at least 4 signal strength bars showing. 
  • Check that the printer has a full battery charge, before and after load shedding occurs. The back-up battery only lasts a few hours. 


  • Position the printer near kitchen stoves and other appliances.
  • Place the printer under the counter.
  • Turn the printer off at the end of the day.
  • Accept orders without reading the printed slip first.
  • Cancel orders without reading the printed slip first.

If you have any issues with your YUMBI Printer please contact the Customer Support Team on 

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