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How do I install the YUMBI Printer?

Installation Steps

 Installation is quick and easy. Just follow the steps below:

  1. Remove the printer and the cable from all of its packaging.

  2. Connect the power cord to the printer and plug it into the wall plug socket.

  3. Turn the printer on using the switch on the left side of the printer, under the antenna.

  4. The LCD screen should illuminate and after a few seconds, the word "YUMBI" should be displayed in the centre of the screen.

  5. In addition to this, a signal bar should be displayed on the right-hand side of the screen, as well as the letter 'G'  and an arrow in the top left hand corner.

NOTE: The YUMBI Printer does not need to be connected to the restaurants POS system, or any other device on the restaurant premises to function.

Finalising of Installation and Troubleshooting

Once all of the above steps have been performed, please contact the YUMBI Support Team to place a test order on. This is to confirm that the YUMBI Printer is working as it should.

NOTE: Thermal Credit Card Rolls is the usual paper that is used inside the GSM Printer. This can be found at any stationery shop if required. 

Should you experience any issues while performing the above steps please contact us so we can assist.

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