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Can I migrate my existing customer details onto the YUMBI Platform?

For restaurants utilizing a POS system and considering joining a YUMBI Powered Call Centre, a frequent inquiry relates to the possibility of integrating their existing customer database from their POS into the call centre platform.

During the initial signup, if a Franchisee wishes to import their customer database, YUMBI will ask for the customer data from the past 90 days, provided in a CSV file format. This approach ensures the inclusion of current data, avoiding outdated information where contact details may have changed over a longer period of time.

Please note that all addresses must be entered as new to ensure they are in a format compatible with the Mapping engines, facilitating accurate location services.

Additionally, should a Call Centre transition to a different Call Centre, the existing customer database can be transferred, ensuring no loss of customer information during the change.

If you are not on a Call Centre yet and wish to proceed with this, you will come across an option asking if you require a customer import in your onboarding documentation.

For a store that is already on a Call Centre you can send an email to our YUMBI Support Team on to request for customer migration

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