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Can I migrate my existing customer details onto the YUMBI Platform?

For trading restaurants making use of the Aura POS; a common question that comes up when signing up for a YUMBI Powered Call Centre is regarding a Franchisee’s existing customer database stored on their POS and if it is possible to load it onto their call centre platform. 

If a Franchisee requests this during the initial signup process, YUMBI will request the past 90 days of their customer database from Cosoft on the Franchisee’s behalf. The reason we only extract the last 90 days is so we have fresh new data in the system (and not 5 year old data where people have changed their contact details etc).

Note: All addresses will need to be recaptured for the first time. This is so the addresses are in the correct format that Google Maps can read. 

If you are not on a Call Centre yet and wish to proceed with this, you will come across an option asking if you require a customer import.

For a store that is already on a Call Centre you can send an email to our YUMBI Support Team to request for customer migration.

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