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How do I view my Store’s Activities?

YUMBI Reports offers the ability to view your Store’s Activities for the selected period. This gives the User great insight and updates them on all the changes or activities that have been done under the applicable store/stores through the YUMBI Dashboard.

You can view a short video on the report here:

This report can be found on the left-hand Panel on the YUMBI Reports page. Under the Overview Tab, you can find this report named “ User Activity” or you can also click here to the report itself.

When filtering this report, the Brand/Restaurant and Time Period that you wish to view must be selected first before the report can populate.

USER ACT 1.png

By viewing this Report the table of data will display an overview of several columns which includes the activity Date/Time, Store Name, Brand, User, Activity as well as Details

USER ACT 2.png

Under the Activities Option, it will give you an overview of the Activities that the store has actioned, this is broken down into the following:

Toggle Orders:
This will display when the store was toggled online or offline, enabling or disabling app, website and call centre orders.

This will give you an insight into whether any Campaigns were initiated for that current period and by who.

Delivery Zones:
This will display if delivery zones were enabled or disabled.

Out of Stock:
This will display whether items were marked as out of stock on the store's app, website and call centre menu.

The Table Information can be exported for data analysis and provides additional categories of information using the CSV Option.


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