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How do I view the Online Status of my restaurant?

Users granted Report access can monitor their restaurant's online presence on the YUMBI Platform via the Online Status Report. This feature not only offers visibility into the restaurant's operational status but also empowers users to identify and resolve any system-related issues that may occur within the store. 

You can have a look at a short video here on the Store Online Status Report. 

The Online Status report can be found under the operations tab within YUMBI Reports and once it is selected, it will populate data based on what stores are currently assigned to your YUMBI profile. (See Figure 1)


Figure 1

The Store Online Status Report is made up of two different segments covering two sets of information. The first set is summaries of the data displayed on the report. These summaries display Store Status Information for the restaurants that are currently available to you on your profile, as well as the Device Online Status for the devices currently available and assigned to an outlet.

Store Status Summary:

This summary displays the total number as well as the percentage of stores that are currently available to your profile and what status they are in. These statuses include:

  • Online Stores - The store's equipment is online and is set live from the YUMBI Dashboard
  • Unavailable Stores - The store’s equipment is online but is set offline from the YUMBI Dashboard
  • Offline Stores - The store’s equipment is offline all together


Device Online Summary:

As it currently stands, YUMBI has two mediums that stores can receive online orders. As long as one of these devices are online, the store will reflect as online and still be able to receive orders. The devices reflected on this summary are:

  • GSM YUMBI Printers - This is the standard device setup with live stores. 
  • POS Integrations- This system takes priority and as long as the POS is online, it will receive all incoming orders. Should the POS be offline, the GSM printer will act as a backup and receive these orders.


The Store Online Status Report breaks down this information for the user further, by displaying specific stores and the devices linked to them, as well as the online status of these devices and how they may be impacting the store.

The table of data below is broken down into different columns of information. These are as follows: 

This would be the ID used by YUMBI to identify a specific store.

This would be the brand associated with the store being displayed.

This would be the outlet that the information is being displayed for.

The province that the outlet falls into.

External Reference:
This would be the reference number used by the brand associated with the store to identify the store.

Account Status:
This column shows the online/offline status of the store, to give the user insight into the stores status.

Online Status:
This refers to the manually set status of the store, showing whether the store has been set online or unavailable.
You can find out more on “How Can I Enable or Disable My Store” by following this link.

Printer Status:
This column shows the status of the printer/s linked to the store.

Printer Last seen:
This column displays the number of days the printer has been offline.

POS Status:
This column shows the status of the POS linked to the store on the YUMBI system.

The Grid Information can be exported for data analysis and provides additional categories of information using the CSV Option.

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