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How do I place multiple orders to different outlets without several delivery charges?

Through Switchboard you can now place multiple orders to different outlets of a combo store without the customer incurring several delivery charges. Here's a short video to show you how to do it or you can read through the instructions below:

Call Centre customers that place orders for delivery at combo stores will now benefit from reduced delivery charges. If the first order placed qualifies for delivery and either carries a delivery charge or qualifies for free delivery, subsequent orders placed at combo stores will not be charged for delivery provided they are placed within the prep time for the store for the same customer at the same address.


Step 1: Ensure that the Order Placed by the Customer Qualifies for Delivery

Enter the delivery address of the customer onto the system to confirm if they qualify for delivery.


If you wish to know more about placing an order for delivery, please see the outlined steps on how to start an order for delivery.

Step 2: Ask the Customer if they Intend to Place Additional Orders.


When a combo store is selected for new orders, stores that are linked will be displayed in red below the selected store.
It is in the customer’s interest to raise the question if they would like to place an order at a linked combo store at this point in order to take advantage of the delivery fee suppression.

A customer may wish to order a pizza and a burger from different linked stores. The pizza may qualify for free delivery, the burger may not. If the burger is ordered first, then the customer will be charged for delivery. If the pizza is ordered first, then the customer will not be charged for delivery.

Likewise, an item of lesser value may not qualify for delivery - eg. Chips. If the chips are ordered first, the agent will not be able to place the order due to the delivery restrictions. If the chips are ordered after the pizza, then the agent will be able to place the order.

Clicking on the red restaurant name will allow open the ordering platform for the relevant brand and restaurant.

Step 3: Begin the First Order and Until Completion 

Select the “New Order” button to begin the customer's order (See Figure 1). Once the items have been added to the basket and confirmed with the customer, proceed to checkout to place the order. Select “Place Order” to place the customer's first order.


Step 4: Begin the Next Order from the Available Combo Store

Once the first order has been placed successfully, the agent can begin the next order on the Order Confirmation page. As shown in Figure 2, they can select “Order Now” to order from another outlet (typically another brand). When the agent selects this, a pop-up will appear with the available stores for them to order. The platform will automatically calculate whether or not the delivery fee should be suppressed.


Figure 2

Step 5: Place the Next Order at the Selected Available Combo Store

On the displayed pop-up, the agent can select the store they wish to place an order for (See Figure 3). Once the store has been selected, they will be taken to the Switchboard Ordering Page of the customer to begin the next order.

(If the Call Centre agent changes the customer's address on this step, the delivery fee removal will no longer be in effect)


Figure 3

Step 6: Complete the Next Order

Once “New Order” has been selected for the next outlet, the agent can begin placing the order and proceed to the checkout page. At the checkout page, a message is automatically added to the Order Instructions to ensure that the Agent, Customer and the Delivery Provider are aware that these orders placed should be delivered together to the customer. 
(See Figure 4)

4.png Figure 4

Frequently Asked Questions:

When can a customer order from Multiple Stores with no Additional Delivery Fee?

The ability to order from multiple outlets with no delivery fee being associated with the consecutive orders is currently available to outlets that are in a Combo Store Environment. If a customer wishes to order from a Combo Outlet and falls within the store’s delivery zones, they will be able to order from the original store and any of the linked combo stores without multiple delivery fee charges.

What if a Customer Orders Again and the Driver Has Left with the First Order?

This would be highly unlikely as there is a brief window where this feature is open to Agents and Customers to utilize. As it currently stands, each store has a standard Prep time that is taken into account when customers are looking to place multiple orders. Should an order be placed within this Prep time of the store that received the original order, the delivery fee will not be charged. However, should a customer place an order past this set Prep time, the customer will be charged for delivery.

What items can’t I add to Multiple Delivery Orders?

Items and Promotions that are for collection only cannot be used when placing multiple orders for delivery. These items remain as collection only items and will be unable to be placed for delivery. Collection orders cannot be linked to delivery orders.

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