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How do I export my reports?

For your convenience, information on the Reports portal can be extracted to be used in other instances, such as graphs, presentations for meetings, etc. These exports also contain some valuable additional information that is not readily available on the reports portal interface that may be useful. 

On most report pages, the following options are available at the bottom of the page:

  • Copy: Allows the user to copy the available information onto a “clipboard”, and paste this onto a document of their choice. NOTE: It is advisable to paste the info onto an Excel spreadsheet in order for the information to be organised or make more sense. 
  • Print: This option will prompt your operating system to prepare the selected report to be printed to any linked/configured printers on your computer. NOTE: you are also able to save the report as a PDF file using this option (should your system allow you to do so).
  • CSV: Selecting “CSV” will export the report onto an Excel CSV file which will be downloaded from your browser to the computer. This file can then be opened using Excel or Google Sheets (by importing the document onto that online program).  NOTE: should the information returned not be legible, please do the following to reconfigure the information:

Windows Excel

  1. Download and save your *.csv file to your chosen location.
  2. Start Excel with a blank workbook open.
  3. Select 'Data' on the ribbon, and then 'From Text'. (If the menu options are greyed out this could be because you do not have a workbook open).
  4. Browse for the *.csv file you want to open, and click 'Import'.
  5. In the Text import wizard, ensure the 'Delimited' option is selected. Click Next.
  6. In the delimiters section, tick 'Comma'. The text qualifier box should show the double-quote symbol. Click Next.
  7. Mark every column as 'Text'. Click the 'Text' data format. It will now say 'Text' in the header of every column. Click Finish.

Google Sheets

  1. Once complete, select “Import Data”
  2. Open a new sheet
  3. Select “File”, then “Import” from the available dropdown list
  4. Navigate to the “Upload” tab, where you will be able to either drag your downloaded file into the box, or select it from a folder on your computer and select
  5. Should a pop up with “Import file” appear:
    1. select the appropriate Import Location
    2. Separator Type (default option is “detect automatically”
    3. If this doesn’t work, select “Custom” and enter ;), and
    4. Convert (Yes)
  6. Once complete, select “Import Data”

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