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Why are my Deliveree Tribe Stats & YUMBI stats different?

Deliveree tribe, Aura and YUMBI have integrated to provide stores and customers with an easy online ordering experience, however Deliveree Tribe and Aura are both independent entities outside of YUMBI.

The YUMBI Delivery Summary reports will only consist of delivery orders that went through the YUMBI platform, delivery orders that were captured directly on the Aura POS will only be available on the Deliveree tribe report.For example, if the store captures 5 delivery orders on the Aura POS and then another 5 delivery orders are placed through the YUMBI Platform the Deliveree reports will show 10 orders and the YUMBI Delivery summary will only show 5. Please see the illustrations below.

The below figure represents delivery orders that don't involve YUMBI but should be in the Delivery Tribe report

Delivery tribe doc.PNG

This figure shows  the delivery tribe orders that were captured on AURA including the orders that came through the YUMBI platform.

delivery tribe doc 2.PNG

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