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What types of delivery zones can I configure for my restaurant?

To ensure customers are charged the appropriate delivery fee, it's crucial to have accurately defined delivery zones. If you need to request modifications or additions to radii, drive distances, or custom delivery zones, please fill out this form. 

YUMBI supports three distinct types of delivery zone configurations for restaurants: 

  • Standard radii zones, 
  • Specific polygon zones, and 
  • Driving Distance Delivery Areas. 

Standard Radii Delivery Zones

Standard radius delivery zones simply mean that the YUMBI Platform will draw a series of circles around your restaurant. A different delivery fee can be applied to each circle, with the fee increasing the further out from the store a driver has to travel, for example:

Zone 1 (up to 5km out from store) = Free delivery

Zone 2 (6km out from store) = R10 delivery

Zone 3 (7km out from store) = R15 delivery fee

The below image shows an example of a store that has got radii configured.

Please note this option is free of charge.

NOTE: A YUMBI support agent will set this up for your restaurant at your instruction.

Specific Customized Delivery Zones

These types of delivery zones specifically state where the store delivers. The store is required to draw these delivery zones on a map that a YUMBI representative shares with them.

Below is an example of delivery polygons also known as custom delivery zones. 

Using polygons to set up delivery zones is an effective method for optimizing your restaurant’s delivery cost structures. It also facilitates the sharing of kitchen capacities across multiple restaurants, depending on the customer’s geographic location. 

Please note this option is subject to an implementation fee of R549.00 Excl. VAT 

Drive Distance Delivery Area

Driver distance polygons are drawn around the store, this option allows the store to state driving distances and delivery fees applicable per driving distance. The below image depicts a visual representation of 3, 4 and 5 km driving distances configured respectively: THESE ARE ESTIMATES USING MAPPING TOOLS. 

Please note this option is subject to an implementation fee of R549.00 Excl. VAT


 NOTE: Due to YUMBI's commercial obligations with various restaurant brands, specific delivery zones and fees may be mandatory, or not permitted altogether. Where either of these restrictions apply, prior consent will need to be provided by the brand head-office or by another suitably authorized representative before any configuration or changes can be performed.

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