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How does YUMBI confirm if a delivery address falls within my delivery zone?

The YUMBI Platform makes use of multiple mapping providers such as Google Maps to perform real-time validation of a customer's delivery address. Please see below for steps on how this is done:

  1. The customer will need to either manually enter, or where a smart mobile device is being used, simply confirm the physical street address to which they would like their order to be delivered by using the devices' built-in GPS device.

  2. The YUMBI Platform takes the customers physical address and converts it into a set of GPS coordinates (Latitude and Longitude) which are then compared to the outlet's configured delivery zones. This will determine whether the outlet is able to deliver to the address as well as what fee (if any) should be applied to the customer's order.

  3. In the instance where a customer's address falls outside the boundaries of a outlet's configured delivery zones, the customer will be notified and be unable to submit their order to the outlet for processing automatically.


Due to YUMBI's commercial obligations with various outlet brands, specific delivery zones and fees may be mandatory, or not permitted altogether. Where either of these restrictions apply, prior consent will need to be provided by the brand head-office or by another suitably authorized representative before any configuration or changes can be performed.

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