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How do I sign up for Switchboard, the YUMBI Powered Call Centre?

If you, as a restaurant owner, are interested in exploring YUMBI's Call Centre services, we invite you to connect with our Customer Success Team for detailed guidance and information. Below, we've outlined the fundamental steps to get started. For a deeper dive, our Customer Success Team is ready to assist you further. 

  1. If you're enabling your restaurant to an Outsourced Call Centre, please do not proceed any further with the steps below, and make direct contact with the Call Centre operator. 
  2. To get your restaurant enabled on an In-House Call Centre, please complete the Restaurant Configurations Form here.
  3. Once request 2 has been received, YUMBI will send a new contract in order to implement the relevant configurations to link the restaurant to the Call Centre. 
  4. Your assessment for compliance will be performed by your Brand representative (FM/OM) and will be broken down into 3 major topics.
    1. VoIP Provider
    2. Hardware
    3. Internet Connectivity
  5. YUMBI will notify the requester via email once the configuration of the new restaurant is ready to move ahead with the onboarding process (while there are a lot of steps to follow during this process this is to ensure the smoothest onboarding process as possible).
  6. You  will then be required to complete the VoIP agreements.
  7. Once the VoIP agreements are signed you’ll need to sign the porting documents to allow the VoIP company to move your services away from your current service provider (e.g. Telkom).
  8. Your restaurant will now be linked to the YUMBI Call Centre (Switchboard) & integration of systems will take place.
  9. Lastly, the telephony and hardware configuration will be completed.

The requester will be notified by YUMBI and the VoIP provider once all the above steps have been completed.

For security purposes & according to the Brand Agreementthe onboarding process is handled by YUMBI. All information will then be filtered to 3rd Parties from us.

The following information is mandatory when requesting a restaurant to be linked to the Call Centre:

  • Call Centre Reference ID.
  • Requester First and Last Name.
  • Requester Email address and Telephone Number.
  • Restaurants Name.
  • Restaurant Brand (e.g. Debonairs Pizza, Steers etc).
  • Porting Date (i.e. Date on which the calls will be routed to the Call Centre).
  • Euphoria Caller ID (Unique Caller ID associated with the inbound telephone number).
  • Restaurant Authorized Contact Details (Person at the restaurant who authorized the port).

NB: Please note that it is mandatory to activate Storefront (Online-ordering) before attempting to sign up for Switchboard services. Switchboard services cannot be activated without having Storefront in place.

If you have any other queries please do not hesitate to contact the Customer Support Team on


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