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How do I place a repeat order?

Here's a short video that shows you how to place a repeat order using the Switchboard platform. 

To proceed with placing a repeat order the Agent will need to perform the following steps: 

  1. Locate the customer record using the steps outlined in the article Searching for an existing customer record.
  2. Confirm with the customer whether the order should be placed for Collection or Delivery.
  3. Select the appropriate previous order record by following the steps outlined in the article Viewing a customer's order history.
  4. Once presented with the Previous Order Breakdown Modal, the Agent will need to confirm the order details with the customer.
  5. If confirmed, the Agent should select the "Order Now" button (See Figure 1). 
  6. The Agent will be redirected to the outlet menu page, however, the relevant products will automatically be added to the basket (See Figure 2).
  7. To complete the order, the steps outlined in the article Submitting an order to a restaurant should be performed.


Note that if the price of a product has changed since the order selected from the Past Order grid has changed, these changes will automatically be applied when the repeat order is added to the basket. If a product is no longer available on the outlets menu, the entire order will not be added to the basket, and as a result, the Agent will need to recapture the order using the steps outlined in the article Adding items to an order.


Figure 1: Previous Order Breakdown Modal

 Repeat Order Prepopulated.png 

Figure 2: Repeat Order Prepopulated

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