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How do I configure delivery polygons/custom delivery zones?

There are two types of Custom Delivery Zones a store can request:

1) The restaurant can decide to draw the areas where they DO deliver, these shapes (polygons) are then imported into the virtual restaurant. This only explicitly outlines where the store delivers and nothing less or more. 

2) The restaurant can decide to draw where they DON'T deliver. This option allows the store to keep the default settings or deliveries and explicitly exclude areas that they do not deliver to. 

These options give you the benefit of plotting the exact areas where your restaurant will deliver or not deliver. Please note that you will be invoiced a fee every time you request a change to your configured delivery zones, so it's important to ensure this is done correctly upfront. Confirmation from the Brand might be required if a Brand’s consumer promise is impacted.

Should you wish to configure custom delivery zones, please complete the online form located HERE

Once we've received this information the following steps will be performed:

  • We'll provide you with a link to an online Google map so that you can draw your delivery zones accordingly.

  • We'll review and verify that the delivery zones you've requested comply with the appropriate Brand standards.

  • If any concessions are required for your requested delivery zones, such as an area being excluded for security reasons, we'll let you know so your Franchise Manager can be contacted to review and approve this.

  • Once approved, we'll configure and activate your delivery zones on the YUMBI Platform.

The configuration of your delivery zones is performed entirely online and can be performed using any computer with access to the internet. 

Please note the drawing of the shapes is exactly the same, the restaurant needs to clearly state whether they are opting for option one or two. It is very important not to confuse the two options. Should a restaurant still be unsure, please feel free to contact the YUMBI Support Team.

Click HERE to view our Video Tutorial!

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