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How do I update my billing contact information?

On the YUMBI system, every restaurant designates a specific billing contact to receive invoices and statements.

If you wish to update this billing contact, please follow the process outlined below:

  1. Initiate request - Send an email to the YUMBI accounts department ( requesting a change in billing contact details 
  2. Provide the necessary information - In your request, include the following details: 
    1. Store name and YUMBI I.D number 
    2. Billing contact details that need to be updated e.g. Name, surname, contact number and valid email address 
  3. Notification to the restaurant owner - Once your request is received, our accounts team will proceed with updating the billing contact details. The store owner will receive a notification confirming the successful update. 

Having up-to-date billing contact information is vital for effective communication and invoice delivery. Following these steps will facilitate an efficient update process.

Please be aware that only the authorized email address as per the YUMBI commercial agreement has the authority to request this change in billing contact details.

For any additional assistance or questions, feel free to reach out to our dedicated accounts team at

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