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How do I update my restaurants banking details?

In any business, the need for accurate and timely banking details is critical. It is the restaurant owners responsibility to ensure that banking details are up-to-date and correct at all times.

Please find below a step-by-step guide on how to update your restaurants banking details:

  1. Initiate Request: Send an email to the YUMBI accounts team ( requesting a change in banking details (Please include your restaurant name and YUMBI Store I.D Number) 
  2. Email Confirmation: The accounts department will respond by sending the banking confirmation form via Pandadoc to the respective restaurant owner. 
  3. Form Completion : The restaurant owner completes the form received via email. 
  4. Finalize Document : Upon completion, the restaurant owner must click the "Finalize Button" on the form. 
  5. Notification Received : Once finalized, our system generates an immediate notification to alert us that the banking amendment form is completed. 
  6. Actioning Changes: We commit to processing requested changes within 48 hours of upon receiving the completed banking amendment form. 
  7. Update Notification: Once changes are implemented, we notify the owner of the successful update of their restaurant's banking details. 

This step by step process ensures the smooth and efficient handling of updating your restaurants banking details, guaranteeing timely updates while maintaining accuracy and clarity throughout the process.

Take a moment to consider the following key points that could potentially affect the process of updating your bank account details.

  • Kindly be advised that any changes can only be executed by the restaurant owner.
  • YUMBI requires to utilize one nominated bank account for receiving payments and collecting debit order amounts due to YUMBI. 
  • Please ensure the use of either Google Chrome or Firefox to complete the document. 

For any inquiries related to your account, please contact our accounts department at

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