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How does BeHeard Work?

BeHeard is a customer feedback feature that can be switched on for all franchisees on the YUMBI platform. It can be activated on your branded food ordering app and website, allowing customers to provide feedback on their ordering experience, service, food quality, and overall interaction – quickly and easily.

How does this feature work?

  1. Customers receive a push notification and email 60 minutes after ordering to prompt them to rate their order. A rate your order link will display on the customer's order on the screen, below are scenarios of when the rating link is made available to the customer 
    1. If the store has live driver tracking enabled: the rating link will show after the completed delivery
    2. If the store has no live driver tracking for the order or it's a collect order: the rating link will show immediately
    3. If the order has been already rated the rating link will not show.

    2. The time it takes for a push notification and email to be sent out is dependent on the Brand.

    3. If push notifications are not enabled for the user, the customer will receive an email.

    4. Intuitive questions are asked, tailored to the customer’s order channel (phone, app, web) and order type         (delivery, collection, curbside).


    5. The customer will be presented with 5 stars to select to provide a rating.

    6. If the ratings are 3 or under the customer will be presented with a section to provide more feedback.

    7. No opt-in is required. This is not marketing communication; therefore, you can ask for feedback from every customer.

    8. Insights are immediately available to the franchisee who can then take swift action if needed.

    9. Feedback is sent directly to the franchisee before being shared in a public forum.

    10. An automated SMS or push message can be used to send vouchers and win back high-value customers. These real-time compensation vouchers are locked down to specific customers by leveraging smart campaigns through YUMBI Engage.

    11. Customer details are known resulting in fast franchisee response times and direct contact with the customer.

    12. Communicating with customers by asking for feedback shows you care. The result is more                                         positive reviews which can be passed on to staff for greater motivation and performance.

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