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What is BeHeard all about?

BeHeard is YUMBI’s latest customer feedback feature that can be activated on your food ordering app and website. BeHeard is an easy way for your customers to give feedback on their experience, including the ordering process, service, food quality, and overall interaction.

Immediate customer feedback is important, as it allows restaurant owners to quickly identify and address any issues customers may be experiencing, which in turn can help to improve customer satisfaction and retention. Switching costs for customers to go elsewhere have never been lower, so having a finger on the pulse of their experience is essential to drive customer loyalty and your bottom line.

Key Features & Benefits:

  • The request is proactive - Every customer is asked to provide feedback, resulting in significantly more responses being received. 
  • Data insights are immediately available - This means that operational concerns can be spotted easily and interventions can be taken without delay. 
  • The results are private - Feedback is sent directly to the brand and restaurant before it’s shared in a public forum for other customers to see.
  • Win-back intervention is automated - Using YUMBI Engage, automated SMS or push messages can be used to send vouchers and win back high-value customers without human intervention. 
  • Customers’ details are known - Feedback is requested within the ordering app or website they have just used, resulting in faster responses and a direct association with the customer and order. 
  • Receive more positive reviews - Traditional feedback channels are biased toward negative reviews. Get a clearer picture by asking your customers for feedback. And providing your staff with more positive feedback is also a great way to motivate them, which ultimately improves staff performance. 

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