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What is To-Go?

To-Go is a feature designed to enhance the fast food ordering experience by offering a contactless, efficient, and personalized service. This feature primarily caters to customers who prefer takeout orders. 

Here's an overview of what To-Go offers:

  • Contactless and quick ordering: Customers can skip the traditional queue by scanning a unique QR code, which launches the ordering process on their mobile device. This system allows customers to order from anywhere within the store without waiting in line.
  • Flexible payment options: The platform supports contactless payment, enabling customers to prepay for their orders through an app or website. Alternatively, they can choose to pay at the counter.
  • Personalized experience with favorites: For repeat customers, the "To-Go" feature can display their favorite items, making the ordering process quicker and more convenient.
  • Enhanced order customization: The system allows customers to customize their orders with add-ons and upsell items at their leisure, which can lead to a higher average order value. This feature also helps in reducing order errors.
  • Integration with Point of Sale (POS) Systems: Similar to the Dine-In feature, "To-Go" can be integrated with existing POS systems, facilitating a smooth operational flow.
  • Consumer feedback collection: The feature opens a channel for customers to provide feedback, offering valuable insights into their experience and preferences.

For more on how To-Go can improve your customers' overall experience and give your business even richer insights, request a free demo today. Contact

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