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What is Dine-In?

Dine-In is a contactless self-service ordering platform designed for restaurants. It enhances the dining experience by allowing customers to order food from their seats without the need for waiter assistance. 

Here's a breakdown of what Dine-In entails:

  • Contactless ordering: Customers can scan a QR code at their table to access the restaurant's menu on their mobile device. This process eliminates the need for physical menus and reduces the wait time for a waiter to take orders.
  • Ease of use: The ordering process is straightforward. Customers only need to enter their table number to ensure that the staff knows where to deliver the food.
  • Efficiency and personalization: The system supports a faster sign-in process using a mobile number, allowing the restaurant to retain customer contact data. This facilitates communication about promotions and new items and helps in understanding customer preferences and ordering behavior.
  • Integration with existing systems: Dine-In can be integrated with Point of Sale (POS) systems like Aura & GAAP, streamlining the ordering and payment process.
  • Increased order value: The platform encourages customers to browse the menu more leisurely and consider additional items or upgrades, potentially increasing the average order value.
  • Customer favorites: For repeat customers, Dine-In can display their favorite items, making the ordering process even more convenient and personalized.
  • Contactless payment: Customers can use the app or website to pay for their orders using a saved credit card in their eWallet. This feature supports swift and easy payments.
  • Tip feature: The platform includes a tip feature, allowing customers to add a gratuity for their waiter directly through the app.
  • eVoucher redemption: The system supports the use of eVouchers, enabling customers to redeem custom incentives and rewards through the app or website.

Overall, Dine-In is designed to make the dining experience faster, more personalized, and convenient for both customers and restaurant staff, while also providing valuable insights into customer behavior.

For more on how Dine-In can improve your customers' overall experience and give your business even richer insights, request a free demo today. Contact

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