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What is Dine-In?

Fast food has just got faster, more personalized, and more convenient. YUMBI believes a walk-in customer will become used to the online ordering tools your brand offers. Customers would like to be able to use these tools even when they are in-store as they don’t have to queue or wait for a waiter. This new feature would allow a customer to pay using a saved credit card or even access vouchers that are available in their online voucher wallet.

Dine-In is a contactless self-service ordering platform that allows your customers to scan a QR code and order from your menu whilst seated in your restaurant without having to wait for a waiter to assist them. Today’s customers want more for less – better value for money, instant gratification, and of course, great food. With Dine-In, your restaurant can give them exactly what they want most whilst gaining invaluable insights from their ordering behaviour.

Key Features & Benefits:

  • Effortless menu browsing - A unique QR code scan launches the mobile web or app screens to start the ordering process, eliminating the need for a waiter to bring a menu and take the order.
  • Simplified ordering process - A table number is all that’s required to initiate an order so that staff know where to take the food.
  • Faster sign-in with a mobile number - You’ll be able to retain contact data, communicate with customers, share promotions and new menu items, and acquire valuable data about their ordering behaviour and preferences.
  • Direct POS integration - Dine-In can be directly integrated into Aura & GAAP.
  • Increased order value - Without the pressure of a waiter awaiting an order, customers can browse more and add upsell items increasing their basket size.
  • Favourites - Repeat Dine-In users will be shown their favorites, making the order process even more convenient.
  • Contactless payment - Customers can prepay for their order via the app or web using a saved credit card in their eWallet for swift and easy payments.
  • Tip feature - Customers can add a tip for the waiter before making their payment if they’ve chosen to make use of the pre-payment feature.
  • eVoucher redemption - Send customers an eVoucher that’s redeemable through the app/website and invite them to take advantage of customised incentives and rewards.

For more on how Dine-In can improve your customers' overall experience and give your business even richer insights, request a free demo today. Contact

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