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How can I view my Agent Sales?

The Agent Sales Report gives the store an overview of the Agent’s performance in regards to their Upselling Expenditures. This information can be obtained by those with YUMBI Report Access as well as the Call Centre Manager.

This gives the user insight into the outlet's Sales as well as the Agent's Upselling Percentage. Each Agent will have the number of Sales generated for filtered date aligned next to their user name.

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Below we hope to answer any questions you may have and explore what this report has to offer.

The Agent Sales Report can be located under the Switchboard Tab and by selecting Agent Sales. Once this report has been selected the agent's information and sales for the Call Centre is then populated and can be viewed. You can also view this report by following this link: 
Agent Sales Report

The Agent Sales report also provides summaries of all of the agent's Transactions and Sales details (See figure 1), these are displayed as such:

This provides a summary of all transactions made at the outlets linked to your profile.

This summary provides the amount of money that is received in sales by all the outlets linked to your profile.

Average spend:
The average spend report shows the average transaction value across the outlets linked to your profile.

This summary provides the total amount of up-sell purchases made by customers at the outlets linked to your profile through Call Centre agents.

The Agent Up-sell Percentage is calculated by YUMBI using the below calculation.

Sales - Upsell Amount = Base Sales
Upsell Amount / Base Sales x 100 = Upsell %

The above formula calculates the Upsell % for a specific agent. 


Figure 1

Once the Agent Sales report and the necessary filters have been selected, the report will populate with the agent's sales for the filtered time period.

A data table will be displayed with the following information:

Agent Name
This column would display the registered Agents Name.

Call Centre
This would display the Call Centre the agent belongs to.
(Selecting this option will take you to a breakdown of all of the agents under the Call Centre)

This would display the total number of orders processed by the agent.

This would be the total amount sold by the agent for the filtered period.
(Selecting this option will take you to an itemised report)

Average Spend
This would be the average amount spent on the orders placed through the customer.

The Grid Information can be exported for data analysis and provides additional categories of information using the CSV Option.


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