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How do I reconcile my YUMBI daily disbursement amount?

A YUMBI cash-up report is systematically generated on a daily basis, offering a thorough summary of the day's financial activities. This report is promptly dispatched to the restaurant's designated reporting contact.

An email is sent from with the subject “Online Payments for [Store name]. [Time Frame]”.

In the event that you are not receiving your daily cash-up reports, kindly verify the following:

  • Ensure that the provided email address is marked as a trusted address since we directly dispatch the daily cash-up reports from our YUMBI system. 
  • Confirm that the email is not mistakenly categorized as spam. If not found in your spam folder, we recommend submitting a ticket to to request the daily cash-up report. 

We would like to bring to your attention two key distinctions from our perspective concerning online orders and payment methods, particularly in the context of our PaySwitch services.

Online orders with PaySwitch Services: 

We provide the option of utilizing our PaySwitch services for online payments. You can find out about PaySwitch here.

YUMBI will process online payments and disbursements of funds directly to the individual stores bank account.

YUMBI has a designated payment schedule in place for the disbursements of funds. You can view that here or have a look at the table below. 

Opting out of PaySwitch Services:

Payment of online payments are paid out to the restaurant/brand directly.

Payment switching providers outside of YUMBI can be contacted for insight around payment schedules.

In accordance with the services subscribed to by a given store or brand, there exists the possibility of receiving daily disbursements facilitated by YUMBI’s PaySwitch Provider.

This particular configuration dictates that all prepaid sums will be methodically disbursed into the store's account by YUMBI, adhering to a structured payment schedule orchestrated through transactions from the payment switching provider.

In the case of stores or brands not aligned with a YUMBI payment switching provider, payments will be directed straight into their accounts without YUMBI's intermediation.

Consequently, prepaid amounts won't undergo YUMBI processing for end-of-day disbursement.

Online payments are seamlessly handled through the store's Payment Terminal Directly.

This signifies that any online payment initiated through the app or website is processed directly into the store's terminal. YUMBI offers various types of prepayment options that consumers utilize for transactions at different outlets.

Card payments:

Consumers utilize their bank cards to make prepayments for their orders using either debit or credit cards.

YUMBI then facilitates the settlement of these funds into the respective store's account, following a predefined table and procedure.

YUMBI online Payment eVouchers:

Consumers use an eVoucher as a form of payment, it is treated similarly to a bank card for the purpose of prepaying orders. It's worth emphasizing that customers have the flexibility to pay with a voucher and settle the remaining balance using cash or a credit card upon delivery.

Third-Party Vouchers:

YUMBI enables the redemption of third-party vouchers, such as WiGroup or Yoyo, on YUMBI-powered channels.

It's important to note that the disbursement of funds resulting from these redemptions is managed by the respective voucher issuer.

For comprehensive information on third-party vouchers redeemed through YUMBI channels, please consult the daily cash-up report.

Should you have any inquiries, we recommend contacting the third party directly or reaching out to our head office.

YUMBI Instore Payment Voucher: 

The process for the YUMBI Payment voucher remains consistent, with the only variation being that it is redeemed directly on the point-of-sale machine by a walk-in customer.

To calculate the total online payments disbursed, navigate to the specific section of the Daily Cash Up Report dedicated to Paid Online Orders. 

Refer to the formula below for the calculation of total online payments disbursed:

Sales - Discounts - Delivery Fees + Gratuity = Total Paid

Total Paid - online refunds - third-party voucher redemptions = TOTAL PAYMENT

Online payments are distributed to restaurants via our designated service provider, Netcash. The reference appearing on the restaurant's bank statement will include the store identification (I.D.) and the date of the payment for easy tracking and reconciliation.

If you encounter difficulties reconciling your account, please do not hesitate to contact our accounts department for further assistance on

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