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How do I navigate around the YUMBI Reports portal?

Getting around the YUMBI Reports portal is easy.  Due to the vast number of reports at your disposal to view and use, we have conveniently located quick access tabs on the left hand side of your screen to go directly to the information you need. Our reports have also been categorized so that you can view and address each respective department of your online restaurant.


Should you need any further assistance with the YUMBI platform, log a ticket with our Support Team, or to view other helpful articles such as this one, you can click “Support” at the top right corner of your screen.


Should you wish to be redirected back to the Launchpad to gain access to your Dashboard, simply click “Launchpad”.


Once you’re done with your visit, you can then select “Log out” to securely close your session. To ensure that no one else has access to your sensitive information, it is important that you follow this step especially if you are using a shared computer.


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