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What is 'no contact KERBSIDE Collection'?

Kerbside Delivery is a new Feature within the Collect Mode, this means that customers will be able to receive their meals with making no physical contact with the FOH coordinator and runners.

We would like to encourage every restaurant to find a way to implement Kerbside Delivery as this is the preferred option at this stage due to the no contact and safety aspect. Kerbside Delivery will also help with in-store volume and crowd control. It is important to note that if a customer places a Kerbside Delivery and your restaurant cannot facilitate it – it will require the customer being phoned and informed that this is not available and they are to collect in-store at this stage. We are aware that there will be instances that Kerbside Delivery is not practical. 

The Kerbside Delivery feature proved to be a valuable feature as up to 20% of collect customers opted to collect their food in this way.

However, we received feedback via restaurant operations teams that they were battling to deliver the food to the kerbside when the customer arrived for 2 main reasons:

  • There was no way for the customer to let the restaurant know that they had arrived
  • The customer had used vehicle details that did not match the vehicle they were in

Because of this, we were asked to add a feature to alert the store when the customer arrived, and supply more location information, and we obliged!

“I’m Here!” Customer Alert

The “I’m here” button allows a customer to alert the store when they have arrived. It’s available to users of all mobile platforms as well as Call Centre customers (via the link in their order confirmation SMS).

Key Features:

  • “I’m here” button is shown on the customer’s order summary screen for all successful kerbside orders
  • A confirmation screen will allow the customer to confirm or change their vehicle details
  • If the phone’s location services are enabled, we’ll use that info
  • An SMS will be sent to a dedicated kerbside waiter mobile number*
*Important Note: That the "I’m here" button will only appear if this number is configured in YUMBI Dashboard! See below for more information on how to add a mobile number. 

image.pngScreenshot 2020-11-20 at 10.27.09.pngimage.png

How do I enable the “I’m Here” feature?

  • Check if Kerbside Collect is enabled for your store
    •  If it is, you’ll see it labelled on your restaurant listing on the web.
    • If it’s not and you’d like it enabled, contact our support team
  • Add your Kerbside waiter mobile number in YUMBI Dashboard
    • Login to Dashboard
    • Go to Restaurant → Settings
    • Enter the mobile number you want to receive the SMS and click “Save”image.png
  • Once your number is added, the ‘I’m here’ button will display and you will get an SMS whenever a customer uses the “I’m here” alert feature.

For a more in-depth support article on Kerbside Collect, see here.

That’s It!

Please log in to Dashboard and add your number to start using the feature. Here’s to Kerbside success and happy customers!

Kerbside Delivery Process Overview:
• The customer will be able to place their order for Kerbside Delivery in the collect order feature. Orders can be placed online Web, through the APP and call Centre.
• The restaurant will need to designate 1 FOH coordinator and 1 FOH runner to manage Kerbside and Collect Orders accordingly.
• The FOH coordinators and runners must wear the appropriate Face Mask and Face Shield when interacting with the customer.
• No customers may enter the restaurant at any time for collect orders, the handover must always be done at the designated vehicle of the customer.
• A Kerbside Delivery designated parking bay station must be arranged with your landlord to ensure you can control and manage the Kerbside orders effectively. A
recommended minimum of 6 parking bays must be requested from your landlord to be allocated for the dedicated KerbsideDelivery Handover. Higher Volume sites will
require additional parking bays.
• All product handover will be done so on top of a tray to ensure No Contact.
• All Kerbside Delivery orders can be paid: Online / Cash/ Card or by selecting pay at the store on check out. This will be indicated on the receipt printed in-store.
• All cash and card payments must be done using a tray to hand card machine and change back to the customer to always ensure No Contact.

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