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What are the benefits of Engage?

Utilizing Engage empowers restaurant owners to:

  • Significantly streamline the process of launching location-specific promotions.
  • Initiate location-based marketing campaigns autonomously, without requiring approval from brand representatives.
  • Directly dispatch targeted marketing communications to customers, eliminating the need to transfer customer data to external SMS services.
  • Encourage orders from both new and returning customers with enticing incentives.
  • Inform customers about both local and nationwide deals and promotions, alongside broader awareness efforts tailored to their establishment(s).
  • Reward dedicated patrons for their loyalty and purchases at their establishment(s).
  • Manage SMS communications and compliance with opt-out regulations effectively.
  • Customize the scale of outreach for each campaign to align with budgetary considerations.
  • Leverage pre-established Target Groups for focused marketing efforts.
  • Boost app downloads, leading to more cost-efficient communication channels.

You can find out more by reading our Engage brochure here.

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