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How do I check if the customer has a valid voucher?

When YUMBI configures vouchers, we are able to set specific rules against the voucher, depending on the request that has come through. Some examples of these rules include:

  • Online/App Only voucher.

  • Valid for the customers FIRST online/app only.

  • Redeemable at a specific restaurant.

  • Basket requirement vouchers. i.e Free Real Deal, and so a Real Deal will have to be in their basket in order to qualify for a discount.

  • Spending a certain amount in order to qualify for a discount.

  • How long the voucher is Active for i.e the Activation and Expiry dates.


  • If a customer tries to redeem a voucher in-store or online and they are unsuccessful in redeeming - an error message will pop up providing a reason as to why the voucher is not able to validate. If no error, there is an issue with the POS/internet connection.
  • If a voucher is successfully added on the YUMBI platform, the discount has to be honoured by the store!

For YUMBI generated vouchers please contact the YUMBI Helpdesk to verify the validity of the voucher. Contact details can be found HERE.

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