Restaurants currently using YUMBI StoreFront and signed on to Engage can request Discount eVouchers via the Engage Portal. 

There are two different types of Voucher Codes you can request - Unique Codes or Shared Codes. There are however important areas to highlight between the two when deciding what type of eVoucher/s you would like to request from us.

Unique Codes:

  • These are multiple codes that can be distributed, each with their own set value.

  • These types of codes minimize the risk of the same customer redeeming multiple times as there is a smaller limit assigned to the code.

  • This code is recommended if you want to give away prizes for a school event or golf day. 

    • Unique codes are easier to manage if your outlet is on a strict budget or wish to use these codes for a competition. 

 Shared Codes: 

  • This is a single code with a larger set value/budget that can be shared and redeemed by multiple customers until the set budget has been depleted.

  • This code is recommended if you want to advertise on a poster. 


The values of the vouchers are dependent on the amount of money you want to spend and the budget you have for the vouchers.