A Daily Recon Report is generated every day for the day's transactions, to assist stores with reconciling to their CashUp report. There are various factors that influence the Total Amount Listed within the Report as detailed below.

An email will come from hello@yumbi.com with the subject “Online Payments for [Storename]. [Date Range]” and will be sent to the restaurant’s nominated Reporting Contact.

To work out the total amount paid follow these quick steps:

Total at the top of the cash-up report
Less any third-party voucher redemptions
Less any refunds recovered
The total amount paid as per our daily payment schedule 

YUMBI has different types of prepayments that consumers use for outlets as listed below:

Card payments: This is where the consumer uses their bank card to prepay for their order using a debit/credit card. YUMBI settles these funds into the store’s account as per the table and procedure explained HERE.

NOTE: If you were unable to fulfil an order, you are able to refund the consumer via the YUMBI Dashboard, the recovery process can be found HERE.

YUMBI online Payment eVouchers: This is where the consumer uses an eVoucher and is treated as a bank card to prepay for orders, the same process is followed. It is important to note that a customer can pay with a voucher and pay the balance with cash or credit card on delivery.

YUMBI Instore Payment Voucher: This is the exact same as the YUMBI Payment voucher except it has been redeemed on the point of sale machine by a walk-in consumer.

Third-Party Vouchers: YUMBI allows for redemptions of third-party Vouchers, such as WiGroup/Yoyo, on the YUMBI powered channels however, disbursements of funds are facilitated by the voucher issuer. For details on third-party vouchers redeemed on YUMBI channels, please refer to the daily cash-up report. 
For any queries, please contact the third party directly or head office.