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Executive Dashboard Report

We know that your time is important and focused on driving growth within your restaurant. With that in mind, the Executive Dashboard gives you a high level overview of your restaurant’s performance on the YUMBI platform across all the channels that you have enabled.

At a glance, you will be able to view:


    1. See how this is split between your online and/or Call Centre channel (should your restaurant be enabled for YUMBI Switchboard);
    2. How your turnover is broken down between collections and deliveries;
    3. How many transactions have been placed on these channels; and
    4. What the average spend is per transaction.

NOTE: Turnover figures on the Executive Dashboard “excl. VAT”, while the average spend figures “incl. VAT”.


New Customers:

  1. See how many new customers have been added to your restaurant;
  2. What the total percentage of your turnover came from new customers who ordered for the first time; and
  3. If you have YUMBI Switchboard enabled, you are able to see how many new customers ordered using the Call Centre channel vs your online channel, and 
  4. What percentage of your turnover came from new customers who ordered for the first time in these respective channels.

new customers.JPG

Call statistics of your Call Centre (should your restaurant be enabled for YUMBI Switchboard). These outline:

  1. The number of incoming calls;
  2. How many confirmed orders you received;
  3. The number of calls that have been abandoned;
  4. Calls that were not converted into orders (Queries); and
  5. Other metrics that may be operationally useful for you (handle time, answer time, abandon time, sales per minute).

NOTE: Call Stats can take up to 24 hours to reflect for the current day.

call stats.JPG

Tracked delivery summaries for delivery restaurants using the Delivery Tribe product. This information can be quite useful in understanding your current delivery operations, and assist in managing your delivery fleet. These include:

  1. The total number of tracked deliveries (and how many are marked as being “on time” or being “late” - depending on your respective brand delivery standards);
  2. On average, how long it takes per delivery; and
  3. How far (distance) your drivers travel per delivery.

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